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Am I eligible for the vaccine now?

  • We will let you know when you are eligible to receive the vaccine as an essential worker in your county.
  • Depending on the county, this could be a few days or a few weeks away.
  • You may also be eligible to receive the vaccine for another reason (for example, if you are 65 years old or older, or if you have an underlying medical condition). If you are interested in receiving the vaccine and are over 65 and/or have an underlying medical condition that puts you at increased risk for COVID-19, please check your county’s public health website often for updates and new information.

Do I have to take the vaccine?

  • No. Taking the vaccine is not mandatory and is a personal choice; however, in line with guidance from public health experts, we encourage all of our associates to receive an approved COVID-19 vaccine.

Do I have to pay for the vaccine?

  • No. The vaccine will be free of charge to all associates, wherever you choose to receive your vaccine.

How do I get the vaccine?

  • We will let you know how you can make a vaccination appointment. Vaccination locations will probably require an electronic sign-up in advance.
  • We will give you your county’s public health website address that will have information on vaccination locations and instructions on appointment sign-ups.
  • At this time, walk-up service will probably not be available, but this may vary by region, vaccine availability, and the number of people who sign up each day.
  • Your store manager will give you a personalized letter that confirms that you are a 99 Cents Stores employee who is eligible to receive the vaccine.
  • On your appointment date, you will take your 99 Cents Stores letter, along with your employee badge and photo identification, to your vaccination site.
  • After you receive your vaccine, you should receive a fact sheet that tells you more about the specific COVID-19 vaccine you are being offered. The fact sheet will help you understand the risks and benefits of receiving that specific vaccine.
  • After you receive your vaccine, you should receive a vaccination card or printout that tells you what COVID-19 vaccine you received, the date you received it, and where you received it. Please keep this in a safe place.

Can I make a vaccine appointment during my shift?

  • The vaccine is not mandatory. If you decide to get the vaccine, we request that you make your vaccine appointment outside your scheduled work hours. Your store manager will work with you to arrange your schedule as needed so that you have time to get vaccinated.

Will I get paid for my time in getting the vaccine?

  • 99 Cents will provide you with a supplemental payment equivalent to two (2) hours of pay per dose for getting the vaccine. This payment is designed to compensate you for the travel time, mileage, child care and/or other expenses that you may incur to get the vaccine.
  • We will provide you with more information about this payment in the next few days.

County-Level Information

Use the table below to gather information regarding your county's public health phone number and website.

Alameda County

Phone Number: (510) 268-2101
Website: Visit now →

Bexar County

Phone Number: (210) 207-8876
Website: Visit now →

Brazos County

Phone Number: (979) 466-3188
Website: Visit now →

Butte County

Phone Number: (530) 552-4000
Website: Visit now →

Cameron County

Phone Number: (956) 247-3685
Website: Visit now →

Carson City County

Phone Number: (775) 887-2190
Website: Visit now →

Clark County

Phone Number: (564) 397-8000
Website: Visit now →

Collin County

Phone Number: (972) 548-5500
Website: Visit now →

Contra Costa County

Phone Number: (925) 313-6712
Website: Visit now →

Dallas County

Phone Number: (214) 819-2101
Website: Visit now →

Fort Bend County

Phone Number: (281) 342-6414
Website: Visit now →

Fresno County

Phone Number: (559) 600-3200
Website: Visit now →

Harris County

Phone Number: (713) 439-6000
Website: Visit now →

Hidalgo County

Phone Number: (956) 383-6221
Website: Visit now →

Imperial County

Phone Number: (442) 265-1444
Website: Visit now →

Kern County

Phone Number: (661) 321-3000
Website: Visit now →

Kings County

Phone Number: (559) 584-1401
Website: Visit now →

Los Angeles County

Phone Number: (877) 777-5799
Website: Visit now →

Mclennan County

Phone Number: (254) 750-1890
Website: Visit now →

Madera County

Phone Number: (559) 675-7893
Website: Visit now →

Maricopa County

Phone Number: (602) 506-6900
Website: Visit now →

Merced County

Phone Number: (209) 381-1200
Website: Visit now →

Mohave County

Phone Number: (928) 753-0714
Website: Visit now →

Monterey County

Phone Number: (831) 755-4505
Website: Visit now →

Montgomery County

Phone Number: (888) 825-9754
Website: Visit now →

Orange County

Phone Number: (714) 834-3882
Website: Visit now →

Pima County

Phone Number: (520) 724-7770
Website: Visit now →

Pinal County

Phone Number: (866) 960-0633
Website: Visit now →

Riverside County

Phone Number: (951) 358-5000
Website: Visit now →

Placer County

Phone Number: (530) 889-7141
Website: Visit now →

Sacramento County

Phone Number: (916) 875-5881
Website: Visit now →

San Bernardino County

Phone Number: (800) 782-4264
Website: Visit now →

San Diego County

Phone Number: (858) 505-6814
Website: Visit now →

San Joaquin County

Phone Number: (209) 468-3411
Website: Visit now →

San Luis Obispo County

Phone Number: (805) 781-5500
Website: Visit now →

Santa Barbara County

Phone Number: (805) 681-5100
Website: Visit now →

Santa Clara County

Phone Number: (408) 992-4900
Website: Visit now →

Shasta County

Phone Number: (530) 225-5591
Website: Visit now →

Solano County

Phone Number: (707) 784-8600
Website: Visit now →

Sonoma County

Phone Number: (707) 565-4400
Website: Visit now →

Stanislaus County

Phone Number: (209) 558-7000
Website: Visit now →

Sutter County

Phone Number:  (530) 822-7215
Website: Visit now →

Tarrant County

Phone Number: (817) 321-5300
Website: Visit now →

Tulare County

Phone Number: (559) 624-8000
Website: Visit now →

Tuolumne County

Phone Number: (209) 533-7401
Website: Visit now →

Ventura County

Phone Number: (805) 652-5902
Website: Visit now →

Washoe County

Phone Number: (775) 328-2400
Website: Visit now →

Yuma County

Phone Number: (928) 317-4550
Website: Visit now →

City of Pasadena

Phone Number: (626) 744-6000
Website: Visit now →

City of Long Beach

Phone Number: (562) 570-5522
Website: Visit now →

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